Quality Policy

It is the policy of Aybal Plastic Industries and Trading LLC for maintaining and improving quality to realise full delivery cycles of its products from receipt of orders according to customer specifications to physical consignment and delivery thereof at customer designated locations, always retaining legislative arrangements and customer dictated terms at the forefront.

In order to realise this Quality Policy:

  • The level of conformance of the quality policy and its set objectives with the profound goals sought by Aybal Plastic Industries and Trading LLC will be checked and reviewed by our management team on a continual basis,
  • Our system will be kept continuously optimised in order to preserve customer satisfaction at the highest level, in line with the philosophy best resembled in the slogan “Customer Defines the Quality”, and
  • Our in-house staff will receive up-to-date instructions, documents and training sessions to improve awareness on quality, while highlighting the significance of customer satisfaction, and
  • Technological updates and advancements as well as customer needs will be tracked down to the slightest detail in a contemporaneous manner, and
  • Processes will be improved by keeping the efficiency / sustainability of all processes under steady control, and
  • Contributions will be made to the national economy by manufacturing fully recyclable products.

Our fundamental intent with our policy on quality is to bring global reputation to our proprietary brands Ayba Plast, Birpack and Plenty by offering them to both domestic and international markets, following production cycles performed neat to national / international standards and realisation of the aforementioned activities.