To uphold customer satisfaction at highest levels that can possibly be achieved, by strictly complying with the customer requirements and specifications, without compromising from quality and our principles.

To contribute to national economy and overall employment, in addition to adding value to our in-house staff, by constantly manufacturing and offering to domestic and international markets products to the latest state of the art and national / international standards with highest quality with our resident staff of specialists having broad experience and expertise in their areas of engagement, through continuously optimising our system by closely tracing all technological advancements in line with the contemporary requirements, on the path towards hitting this target.

It is indispensable for us to manufacture environment-friendly products, without leaving even a pitch or trace that could harm our surrounding, throughout our production cycles.

Our fundamental values and principles are:



Customer and solution focused work.

Achievement of the quality standards.

Innovativeness and entrepreneurship.


Strict compliance with cleanliness and hygiene rules.

Staff that solely believe in team spirit.

Realistic and unprejudiced approach.

Work in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Rules.